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About Your LSAT Mentor

Kevin has dedicated his life to teaching the LSAT.  With over 10 years of teaching experience and multiple 99th percentile scores on officially-administered LSATs—including a perfect 180, he can push you to the peak of your LSAT potential.

As a graduate of Columbia Law School and a former attorney at the top-ranked law firm in the United States, Kevin will hold you to the highest professional standards. Under his guidance, you will cultivate the lawyer's mindset—boundlessly curious, intensely skeptical, and always prepared. There is no better person to help you reach your goal score.

Private LSAT Tutoring

What you get when you work with me:

Truly Personal Attention

One-on-one tutoring focused on the concepts and skills you need to maximize your LSAT score. Every session is tailored to you.

There will be no one-size-fits-all approach.

Real Understanding

You won't beat the test with tricks and gimmicks. Only critical thinking and mastery of core concepts can get you the score you want.

Gain a 180-level insight into the logic of the LSAT.

A Devoted Mentor

You'll learn from an exceptional teacher who will hold you accountable, lift you when you struggle, and guide you through any problem.

Confidence that you trained with the best.

You must have questions...

Sara M. +11

165 after studying on her own -> 176 after tutoring with Kevin

I got a 176! I'm ecstatic :) I couldn't have done it without your amazing insights and patient guidance. Thank you so much!

Nick A. +10

162 after a major prep course -> 172 after tutoring with Kevin

After only 4 total tutoring sessions with Kevin Lin throughout 6 weeks, I made a 10 point improvement. What makes him so good? Three things: (1) personalized lessons, (2) his experience, and (3) the positive mood. To personalize lessons, Kevin observed me do practice problems during sessions in order to identified my specific weaknesses. He then used this information to make specific recommendations for my study plan in between sessions--this accelerated my progress big time. Another thing that makes him so good is his experience. Kevin Lin is the most credentialed LSAT tutor out there: he has a perfect 180 LSAT and has tutored for 10+ years. For him, tutoring isn't a temporary gig--it's his craft and passion. His knowledge of past tests is encyclopedic, and he uses it to make tailored lesson plans. Last, Kevin's teaching style creates a positive mood. Before working with Kevin, I resented the LSAT. But Kevin's encouragement, down-to-earth personality, and sense of humor made the process feel rewarding and turned the LSAT into an approachable challenge. The most important thing to know about Kevin is that he does this because he loves it--and that's the hardest thing to find in an educator. 

Kate S. +14

152 before working with Kevin -> 166 after tutoring with Kevin

Kevin is an incredible tutor! His expert knowledge of the LSAT paired with his easy-to-follow teaching style and patience were instrumental in my success on the test. Kevin went above and beyond in his explanations and advice. Thanks to him, I improved 14 points from my initial diagnostic and will be attending a T5 law school this fall! I recommend Kevin and Luminate LSAT with no hesitation, whatsoever!

Alex Z. +10

157 after a year of studying on her own -> 167 after tutoring with Kevin

If I could give more than five stars I would! Kevin gave me enormous help during my LSAT preparation. To understand why I got certain questions wrong, I initially read many answer explanations online and purchased books that contain explanations. However, none of them were as helpful and clear as the explanations Kevin gave.

He was not only extremely helpful but also very encouraging. As LSAT test takers, test preparation can be frustrating at times. However, I always felt so refreshed and energized after meeting with him. He truly believed in me.

I ended up with a score I am very proud of. My work finally paid off. I am very grateful for Kevin's guidance.

Carol R. +17

159 diagnostic -> 176 after working with Kevin

I received my LSAT score and wanted to thank you for all of your help!!! I scored a 176; I almost can't believe it!! Words cannot express my gratitude for the time you took to help me and give me advice. Thank you again.

Sandra C. +6

164 on 3rd take after major prep course and self-study -> 170 after tutoring with Kevin

I got my score today and I got a 170!!! I was really surprised because I was expecting something much lower, and even though I was averaging around 168, I didn't think I would score on the higher end of my practice exams. I'm SO relieved and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I really want to thank you for all your help for the past year, I don't think I could have done it without you!

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